Pelican Lakes

May 9, 2014

Happy Anniversary Brittany and Joel,

Brittany and Joel were married a year ago this May on the island at Pelican Lakes Golf and Country Club .

Brides dress hanging before wedding Pelican Lakes,  Sherri Barber Photography

Classical Bridal portrait with brides maids, Sherri Barber Photography,

Groom's portrait with groomens, Pelican Lakes, Sherri Barber Photography, Northern Colorado Wedding Photography,

Father and bride walk down aisle on the island at Pelican Lakes,  Sherri Barber Photography, Northern Colorado Wedding Photography,

Bride and groom wedding ceremony on the island at Pelican Lakes, Sherri Barber Photography, Northern Colorado Wedding Photography,

Bride and groom Pelican Lakes riding in golf cart, Sherri Barber Photography,

Bride and groom portrait on the island at Pelican Lakes, Sherri Barber Photography

Sunset at Pelican Lakes,  Austin's Homestead Bar & Grill

Pelican Lakes is located in Windsor Colorado about 15 minutes Southwest of Fort Collins. It is a part of Water Valley, a multi-use 300 acre lake community with a championship 18-hole golf course and island event center. The clubhouse contains Austin’s Homestead restaurant and wedding reception venue. The large dining room includes a breath-taking wrap around outdoor patio and has wonderful views of the Rocky Mountains, all housed inside an impressive log cabin-style building.

The island at Pelican Lakes is great because it is secluded from the rest of the golf course. Factor in a little extra time to get from the island to the reception area. The bride and the bridesmaids are normally shuttled out to the ceremony sight in a limo golf cart. You cross a visually attractive arched bridge to get onto the island (the bridge makes great photos!). The thing that always make me laugh out there are the realistic looking “steel” Palm Trees, not necessarily a native tree to Colorado. None the less, they look good and are fun to include in wedding photographs.  On the island there are plenty of photo opportunities, a stream, waterfall, beaches and a paddle boat off in the distance. If the weather is good the sunsets are some of the best because of the mountains in the distance and reflections in the lake.


Groomsmen gift ideas

May 2, 2014

Groomsmen gift ideas

The groomsmen are the groom’s best buddies. He has relied on them throughout his life to get into trouble with, to get him out of trouble and tell him when he is being stupid. I have heard some pretty funny stories from the groomsmen during the wedding reception toasts, some stories better off left untold. A word to the wise if the story involves a stolen goat, unhappy cops and or random nude women…. it should not be told in front of grandma. Oops.

On the wedding day, the groomsmen usually behave themselves and offer their to support the groom. A thank you from the groom to his guy pals for their support and friendship is the groomsmen gift.  This may lead to a lot of pressure but don’t worry they are just guys after all. Guys tend to keep things pretty simple.

The most traditional gift is a flask. This can be a very nice gift and engraving the groomsmen’s initials can personalize it. This gift normally confuses me, and I am always left wondering several things. 1. How hard is it to get the booze into the flask and how much is spilled? 2. If you share with a buddy or better yet a cute girl how many sips does it hold? I have never seen a flask big enough. This comment probably says more about me than anything. 3. How much pre-planning will a guy do? If he is running out of the house, stops in his tracks and says wait I forgot to fill my flask. This probably says something about him. 4. If you have a perfectly good container already holding the booze why take it out and put it into another container? Those are just a few things I think of in the middle of the night.

The other classic gifts given to groomsmen are watches and money clips. Both are very nice and neither keeps me awake at night.

The most original groomsmen gift I have seen as a Northern Colorado Wedding Photographer are cuff links made from hand tied flies used in fly fishing. The groom was an avid fly fishing angler and made a unique gift for his friends incorporating one of his passions. Pretty classy!

Groomsmen gift cuff link hand tied fly


April 25, 2014

The other day I received in the mail the other day a Save-The-Date postcard from Joseph and Caitlin, who are getting married in September. I will be photographing their wedding. I also photographed their engagement pictures about 6 months ago. Joseph is a pilot, so we incorporated an airplane into their photograph.

bride and groom old plane

Save-The-Date cards are a great idea. This gives friends and family members a heads-up so  hopefully they will keep that date open on their calendar.  Also by sending these out it will generate excitement for the upcoming wedding, showers and bachelorette parties that will soon follow.

The general rule on sending out the Save-the-date cards are to send them six to nine months before the wedding date. If the wedding is going to be a destination wedding or on a major holiday then your guest will need extra time, nine months to a year are more  appropriate.

Send the cards to all the guest you are planning on inviting. If the guest is on the maybe list then hold off. You can’t un-invite a guest once they receive a save-the-date card. You are obligated to invite them to the wedding. Don’t forget you will still need to send wedding invitations to your guests.

The Print Cafe in Fort Collins makes some great Save-The-Date cards. They range in all shapes and sizes from postcards to magnets. My personal favorites are the fun flip cards. They have a video on their website which shows the flip cards in action.

The photograph or photographs on the cards can incorporate something special about the bride and groom. I have photographed couples with their dog wearing a sign with the wedding date on it. I have photographed couples where they got engaged, where they had a special date, where the bride and groom met for the first time. The possibilities are endless.

save the date with dog


Happy Anniversary Sarah and Lane

April 18, 2014

Sarah and Lane were married one year ago this April in a Colorado destination wedding at Saint Malo Retreat Center Chapel on the Rock. The popular landmark is locate near Allenspark, Colorado about 20 minutes from Estes Park Colorado. It is this tiny little catholic church that sits at the base of Longs Peak, Mount Meeker is nearby and the chapel is situated just outside Rocky Mountain National   Park. The church is best suited for small intimate weddings. I’m not sure 100 people will fit inside the chapel.Bride and groom classic bridal portrait Chapel on the Rock St Malo

The weather was a little bit of everything on this particular day from beautiful blues skies to snow. The wind during the ceremony was howling outside. I’m glad the church is made from stones because it felt solid against the gale force winds rolling off the Rocky Mountains that day. I did say a silent little prayer for the roof hoping it would not end up in Kansas before the end of the wedding ceremony.

I had  all these great ideas for outside wedding photographs after the ceremony with the bride and groom which were immediately changed. Weather is one element is photography you can not change. I usually incorporate the weather conditions into my pictures creating and unexpected element which can be fun. If is snows, Great!, put on snow boots. If it rains No Problem, umbrellas are great props. Wind, however, is the most difficult weather element to incorporate. It can be helpful when it catches the veil and dress just right. I can also use it as a high fashion look when it blows the hair. Here is the catch, it has to be blowing from the right direction and not too forceful. Generally wind causes more trouble than it is worth. It makes your eyes water and if that isn’t bad enough everyone is squinting. Not a great look.

Chapel on the Rock St Malo

Flower girls wedding cereony  Chapel on the Rock St Malo

Father and bride walk down aisle Chapel on the Rock St Malo

wedding ceremony Chapel on the Rock St Malo Estes Park

Chapel on the Rock St Malo

Bride and groom classic bridal portrait Chapel on the Rock St Malo

Bride classic bridal portrait Chapel on the Rock St Malo

Do something with your digital pictures

April 4, 2014

My daughter, Ashley, dropped her phone the other day, and it exploded upon impact, by itself not terribly newsworthy. However this is what’s worth considering, she had not downloaded her photos since last September, and all of those images are now gone. She is heartbroken to have lost so many memories, and there is nothing she can do about it. I would like to encourage everyone to download the images off of their phones at least once a month. I also encourage everyone to make a few prints now and then. I know it is easy to procrastinate and not do anything with the images. In today’s world of technology, CD’s, DVD, hard drives, The Cloud (where ever that is) makes us believe everything is “Virtually Safe”.

As a wedding photographer, I include the digital negatives in my packages. I want the brides and grooms I work with to be able to enjoy their wedding photographs. I like the idea they can do whatever they want with their wedding images. What I fear is they put the DVD in a “safe place” never to be seen again. I received that phone call about once a year from former wedding couples. “I have misplaced my wedding pictures on the DVD, HELP.”

My advice to all my wedding couples is to make prints, books, canvas prints, albums, wallpaper a wall with the images because by the time their children have children, the DVD I have provided to them, is not going work. Not to mention finding a computer that still will run a DVD of their wedding pictures. Does anybody remember 8 track tapes? Does anybody still have a machine to play 8 track tapes? Or even the next generation of audio recordings “cassette tapes”?

It is easier in today’s world to take photographs. No more film, no more processing, no more where is the camera when you need it. Everyone has a camera in their pocket but taking the photograph is just half of the process.  Do something with the pictures, they are your lifetime memories!

Getting ready to photograph a wedding

March 27, 2014

On the wedding day, the brides and grooms are hustling around getting ready. The bride and her bridesmaids are having their hair and makeup done while visiting and enjoying each other’s company. The mother of the bride is making sure everyone is doing what they need to be doing. Hopefully she takes some time to enjoy the festivities with her daughter. The father of the bride is running after food, picking up last minute items or dropping something or someone off. I have found the father of the bride is indispensable.

The groom’s job is a lot less stressful, or he makes it look less stressful. The groom usually plays around of golf or disk golf with his buddies. Generally there is some drinking involved….. I know that’s a surprise……  His big job is to get to the ceremony on time, shaved, showered and dressed. One more thing make sure the rings are there. I had one groom making honeymoon reservation less than an hour before the ceremony. That was cutting it just a little short, good thing they did not put him on hold.

I thought it would be a fun video idea to show what it takes to get Sherri Barber Photography ready for a wedding from behind the scenes with my two, no make that three little helpers.



Garden Wedding Ceremonies Brookside Gardens

March 21, 2014

I’m excited to see the array of beautiful flowers and plants Brookside Gardens Event Center in Berthoud Co. has planted this year. They do an exceptionally wonderful job with a wide range of flowers and plants in their gardens. The landscaping and waterfall are truly extraordinary and can take your breath away.  I love photographing weddings there because of all the gorgeous colors. There isn’t really much need for big flower armaments because of what they plant. The arbor is always stunning with the green ivy growing up the sides and the giant flower baskets hanging from the beams full of red, purple and pink blooms. It is always so pretty watching the bride descend from the top of the stairs through the arbor toward the groom on her father’s arm. The beaming bride in her white dress through an explosion of complementary colors truly is a sight to see. If that isn’t enough, Longs Peak and the Rocky Mountain Range can be seen to the west in the distance and adds a great backdrop for any wedding regardless how big or small.

father bride walking down aisle


Bride groom garden ceremony sunset

The party is then moved to the greenhouse building for the reception, which is lovely all on it own. It is open, light with lots of windows and giant doors panels that retract completely out of the way.  I’ve seen it decorated many different ways with up lighting , candlelight and natural light. There is never less than a beautiful wedding there.

Bride groom dance Brookside Gardens

I love photographing brides and grooms at Brookside Gardens because of all the photographic options we have to choose from like, the waterfall, flowers, arbor, more flowers, cool barn, grove of trees and if there is time an alfalfa field that sets to the south.  I quote their website “Your guest will be in awe and the photo opportunities are endless.”

bridal portrait flower garden

bridal portrait flower garden

Happy Anniversary

March 15, 2014

Happy One Year Anniversary Jessica and Phil
One year ago today March 15, 2013 Jessica and Phil were married at the Tapestry House Laporte Colorado in a beautiful outside ceremony. The weather was perfect for this garden style wedding and the wind helped Jessica’s veil with that high fashion look.Classic bridal portrait

Jessica is a beautiful girl and an exceptionally gorgeous bride on her wedding day.

bride groom holding hands

I especially liked when Jessica and Phil held hands around the door not seeing each other before the wedding ceremony but having a special moment between the two of them before hand. It is fun for me to see as a wedding photographer these special moments and document them forever for the future children and grandchildren to have. Wedding photography is not just a job for me it is an experience full of emotions.

wedding bouquets

I really love seeing what wedding flowers the bride and groom have picked out. White roses are a beautiful place to start and always look wonderful in wedding photographs. The people at Palmer Flowers always do such a great job.

groom bow tie

Phil straightens his white bow tie in the mirror as he prepares for his wedding ceremony and his groomsmen finish getting dressed in the background.

bridesmaids with cell phones

The bridesmaids become wedding photographers and is becoming a popular scene at weddings. Girls it time to dance put away your phones.

bride walking down aisle

bride walking down aisle

Jessica’s father beams as he walks his beautiful daughter down the aisle as the wind blows her veil. The weather in Colorado can play havoc with early spring weddings but Jessica and Phil had no surprises to deal with.

bride and groom walk down aisle

Jessica and Phil’s smiles explain how they feel as the walking down the aisle after their wedding ceremony.

unique wedding portraits

Jessica and Phil in a unique wedding portrait through sign language say, “I love you.”


Wifely Duties 1950’s Style #7

March 7, 2014

Ok this is the final one.

Minimize all noise:

At the time of his arrival, eliminate all noise of the washer, dryer or vacuum. Try to encourage the children to be quiet.

After a stressful day of commuting and working and being pulled in 10 different ways at all once it’s nice to come home to a quiet home and have the feeling of peace and tranquility.

I honestly don’t know any sane person that wants to have chaos and noise surrounding them all day, wherever they go. There’s something about coming home to a relaxing lit house with hardly any noise.

A few things to have turned off or quieted by the time your husband comes home from work would be:

  1. The Television- However, set the remote next to his chair or spot in the sofa so that he can turn it on when he’s ready. You’re not sure what show he may be feeling like watching, if any. This will also remind him that you’ve been working hard all day. If he comes home and the TV is on he might wonder if you were watching TV most of the day and then popped up when you heard him pulling up the driveway.
  2. Dish Washer- Even though we have whisper quiet dishwasher’s now, it’s still nice to have it as quiet as possible. The smell of the dish detergent may be an annoyance to him. After a hard day anything could put anyone in a foul mood. Hand wash whatever needs to be taken care of and place them on the dishwasher’s rack to drip dry so they’re out of sight out of mind.
  3. Radio– Have you ever been so overworked or irritated that even the radio in the car was bugging you? This could be true for him on any given day so play it safe and turn whatever tunes you had playing for you throughout the day off when it gets close to his arrival.
  4. Hang Up The Phone– If you happen to be gabbing with a friend or perhaps someone just called make sure to end the call before he gets home so that he can have all your attention as you greet him by the door. The most annoying thing in the world is to be happy to see someone and then have a finger placed in front of your face telling you to wait a second while they’re on the phone.
  5. Children– If you have kids, particularly small ones, you may want to train them that quiet play time has to happen at least 30 minutes before dads arrival. Have them read a book, play a quiet educational game (that doesn’t create a mess). I say 30 minutes before he gets home that way it’ll give them time to get use to bringing their energy level down plus you never know when hubby might be coming home early!
  6. Pets– If you have a dog or dogs you might want to put them outside or crate them before hubby comes home. Some people don’t mind being greeted by their beloved furry family members, but others don’t want to have their dog(s) jump up on them as soon as they walk in the door. Use your judgment on this one. This one will truly depend on what your husband wants.

I want to add that on top of the noise reduction I also think the house should have relaxing lighting. If you have dimmers then dim the light to a soft glow. If no dimmers then just turn on lamps instead of the fixtures overhead. You can also just turn on certain lights that will light up the house without being overbearing. I personally like to put on the lamp in the living room and then the kitchen light is usually on since I’m in there preparing dinner.

Sometimes nightlights are a good thing too. They can be pretty bright, light up a room fairly good and give off a soft glow. The ultimate would be to have candles burning! Soft ample light, romantic and relaxing, just make sure they’re high enough away from the dog or kids. Candle wall sconces are great too.

Hopefully these all help you continue on your path to being a perfect 1950’s housewife and remember, You get what you give

 Thanks to Laidee Bug for this information

Wifely Duties 1950’s Style #6

February 28, 2014

Prepare the children:

Take a few minutes to wash the children’s hands and faces, comb their hair, and if necessary change their clothes. They are little treasures and he would like to see them playing the part

Most children, especially younger ones, run to the door when their mom or dad come home. If there is warmth, love, nurturing, appreciation and respect in and around the home, why would they not be excited to greet the one that provides all this wonderfulness. Now my dad was mostly a hard labor working man and he would clean up before hugging us because he was dirty and smelly, so what if the tables where turned? What if my dad was a business man that wore a nicely pressed shirt and tie everyday to work. He wouldn’t really be too excited about his children hugging and jumping all over him with sticky fingers, dirty clothes, finger paint covered hands or anything else.

Like I said, we don’t have children, but we pets. Now, my husband is a pressed shirt and tie business man and even though he’s excited to see me when he comes home I wont hug him when I’m preparing dinner if I have something on my hands. He wont let the dog jump up on him in his work clothes. He wont even let the cat sit on his lap while in work clothes cause of the fur they leave behind. It’s not until he gets into his comfortable clothes that he’s ok with the all animals on him.

Some ways that we can make this fit for our family is:

  1. If you have a baby, make sure there’s a fresh diaper on and a clean face so he can pick the little one up with pure pleasure.
  2. Have older children put toys away and wash hands and, like the rule states, change clothes if needed. This will teach good manners and organization!
  3. If you have no children but instead pets, crate your dog (if trained) or put up a baby gate to isolate them, for a moment, to a bedroom, bathroom, den, etc. Once “daddy” is in comfortable clothes, let “Fluffy” loose.
  4. Make sure all pet fur has been cleaned from the sofa, in case he wants to sit for a bit before changing. I suggest cleaning it earlier then placing a blanket over it. Remove blanket before he comes home.
  5. If there’s a friend of your child’s spending the night just let them know, nicely, how your household works and that your husband has worked hard all day. If they want to play and be loud then just have them go to your child’s bedroom. Break a rule and let them eat dinner in there too if it’ll help with any loud noise and laughter.

Hopefully this has continued to help you be the best 1950’s wife you can be in a modern day world. Remember you get what you give

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