Event and Wedding Photography Gallery

Sherri Barber’s work will often surpass your expectations. Whether at a wedding or any other major event, their ability to capture the emotions in the air will shine through in their photography. Sherri has worked throughout Florida and Colorado helping wedding parties make their memories last for generations, so there is no better choice for Sarasota, Bradenton, Naples or Tampa wedding photography.

Sherri understands that a visual style is like a flavor. If a particular flavor appeals to you and feels right, that is what you can expect the photographer to evoke in their photos of your wedding. She has worked Sarasota wedding photographer jobs and other weddings all over Florida and Colorado so she has experience using the amazing natural beauty of these locations as motivation to make your wedding photography even more breathtaking.  The wedding photo galleries above provide a good taste and a good feel for Sherri’s work. She encourages you to browse each of these galleries and enjoy. We also offer video production in Bradenton FL now as part of our full suite of services.

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