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Happy One Year Anniversary to Kristen and Nick 7/28/12

July 28, 2013

Happy One Year Anniversary to Kristen and Nick. They were married a year ago at BrooksideGardens in Berthoud.

I love summer weddings when all the flowers are in bloom, the trees are green and the grass looks great. Everywhere I turn there is another photograph to be made better than the last one I just made. For me it is like photographing a model. Models knows exactly how to pose, hold their mouth and turn their head and by the end of a session with a professional model I truly believe I am a “Photo Genius”.Kristen1

Part of our coverage during a wedding is to capture the emotions of the day. I have not been the mother of the bride or groom but I can put myself in their place. I empathize with the parents on how this special day would feel. It signifies the end of something and the beginning of something else. This make me feel both happy and sad at the same time. I can relate to the expression happy tears.Kristen3 Kristen4

I couldn’t really hear what was being said but I think Kristen was negotiating with Nick who would do the dishes. If indeed Kristen was doing this she is a very smart bride. It is important to establish who does what before signing off on the deal.



After the ceremony ends I see the stress of the day leave the couple. It is gone from their faces and it is gone from their bodies. I can describe it visually as a giant sigh of relief. The stress is replaced with smiles, fun and happiness. Through my camera lens it really is visible to me. The smiles get bigger and everyone’s mood lightens. The nervous jitters and butterflies are gone, It’s A Party!. Like this photo of Nick he was getting a little rowdy with the champagne and his groomsmen watching and probably cheering his celebratory out burst.



Kristen’s uncle is Leonard Kiel DJ and owner of Colorado Sounds. Leonard is one of my favorite DJ’s. He always does a great job being the master of ceremonies/ crowd control/ getting the party going. He was in especially great form this particular evening.   I also enjoyed the purple up lighting he added to the reception area. The additional lights tied in with the color pallet of the wedding and added additional ambiance to the evening.Kristen6 Kristen7 Kristen8


I want to Thank Kristen and Nick for letting us be a part of their special day. Their are a fun couple with a great future ahead of them. 

There is a toast given at weddings which was made up by a very wise person. “May you love one another today the least amount on your wedding day.”






Flower Girl

July 23, 2013

One of my fondest memories as a young girl was being the flower girl at my cousin’s wedding. I think I was about six years old. The bride, whom I had just met, took me by the hand and said something like “do you want to see the basket you’ll be carrying?”. I was so excited that first of all she took notice of me and second I was important enough she wanted to show me the basket. She was so sweet and tried to help me feel comfortable with my up and coming duties of sprinkling the aisle with flower petals. I was an extremely shy kid so when I see little kids crying in the aisle at weddings in complete terror I always relate to them. I am surprised that I didn’t have a meltdown and go screaming down the aisle too.

On the day of the wedding my big brother / ring bearer was by my side. He had a few jobs to perform that day. One, carrying the rings on a slippery satin daisy pillow and most importantly to not lose them. If that wasn’t enough pressure for a eight year old boy, his second job was keeping his little sister from doing anything stupid. This was really his main job starting from the day I was born and for the record he has had a fifty fifty success rate. I manage to get down the aisle that day and I even sprinkled one or two flower pedals along the way.

Roy and Sherri at cousins wedding

Roy and Sherri at cousins wedding


My performance as the flower girl was a pale comparison to the flower girl in the red dress. I loved this flower girl. She had style, flair and pizzazz. She dipped her hand in the basket and came up with a handful of peddles. Then she threw them as high as she could into the air. Handful after handful filling the sky as she came down the aisle. The guests chuckled, the groom smiled and the whole atmosphere of the wedding was brightened by her enthusiasm . This little girl could give lessons on “how to be the best flower girl, Ever!”

Enthusiastic flower girl

Enthusiastic flower girl


I also loved bride who delegated the job of flower girl to her long hair Chihuahua. Instead of the dog carrying a basket of flower peddles, which might have been a little tough for the dog considering she was about eight pounds. The bride had attached flowers to a special harness. The ring bearer was in charge of walking her down the aisle and both were so cute I’ll never forget them.

Flower girl getting ready for big day

Flower girl getting ready for big day

Ring bearer and flower girl making their enterance

Ring bearer and flower girl making their enterance

One Year Ago NYC

July 19, 2013

A year ago I went to New York City with my mom, Ruth, and daughter, Ashley. Mom wanted to see the Ground Zero. I was the travel agent and Ashley was the navigator. I’m not sure we missed much. We saw where the towers had once stood, five cathedrals, took in a play “Book of Mormon”, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Times Square, Empire State Building, Space Shuttle, and ate our way from Harlem to Brooklyn. Here are a few photos from the trip.  



Reflection Fountain World Trad Center



Happy Anniversary

July 17, 2013

Chelsie & George were married a year ago in a beautify garden ceremony at the Tapestry House in LaPorte Colorado. We provide them with an elopement package coverage for their simple but beautiful wedding. Happy one year anniversary Chelsea & George. I believe Chelsie’s grandfather walked her down the aisle. Thanks for letting us be a part of your special day.


lChelsea1 Chelsea2 Chelsea3 Chelsea4 Chelsea5 Chelsea6


July 14, 2013

Stacie and Dustin were married one year ago today at Lionsgate Event Center in Lafayette Colorado. I wanted to wish you a happy one year anniversary as your wedding photographer in Northern Colorado. I hope these wedding photographs bring back special memories. I know you have big things on your horizon.

 Staci1 Staci2 Staci3 Staci4 Staci5


July Ranch Wedding

July 12, 2013

Bill and I photographed a ranch wedding on Sunday.

The Two Bars Seven Ranch was established in the late 1800’s-even before Wyoming became a state. Located on both sides of the Colorado-Wyoming and about an hour from Fort Collins. The 3,000-acre working cattle ranch is adjacent to National Forest land and is one of the most scenic places for a wedding.

The entire wedding was relaxed away from the hustle bustle of Denver and has rolling hills different from EstesPark’s tall mountains.

It was fun photographing Olivia and Aaron they could not contain their happiness. They were the true example of the beaming bride and groom.

Olivia1 Olivia2 Olivia3 Olivia4 Olivia5

Now Offering Senior Portraits for Students in the Fort Collins Area

July 6, 2011

After a couple year hiatus we have decided to start providing senior portraits again. Graduating is a big achievement and we want to capture this moment in time through photographs you can cherish forever.

During these fun photo sessions, we capture the unique personality and style of each high school senior. The photographs can be taken at any location you choose. There are several places we can recommend in the Fort Collins area that are perfect for making creative portraits. After the session, all the photographs will be available on a password protected website for your personal viewing. Take a moment to view this video slideshow of recent senior portraits to see samples of our work.

Each photograph we take will be available in both color and black-and-white prints. We offer print packages and a la carte ordering as well as video slideshows and folio books. To learn more about our senior portrait sessions and the packages we offer, contact Sherri Barber Photography serving Fort Collins and surrounding areas.

Canyon Concert Ballet Slideshow

April 11, 2011

When we’re not photographing weddings, Bill and I have been keeping busy photographing other types of events. Bill enjoys ballet and has been taking photographs for the Canyon Concert Ballet in Fort Collins, Colorado. The dancers are simply amazing and so graceful! Their fluid, yet controlled movements are quite impressive. Bill is quick with the camera and captures the dancers in motion. This type of photography keeps us on our toes so we’re better prepared to photograph those fleeting, memorable moments during wedding season. Take a look at the slide show below to see some of the photographs Bill has taken for Canyon Concert Ballet.


Whether you need a photographer for a wedding or other event in Northern Colorado, we have the experience to capture those fleeting moments. Contact Sherri Barber Photography to learn more about the services we offer.

“Trash the Dress” Slideshow

September 21, 2010

Wedding season is still in full swing. We are the wedding photographers for 6 weddings in September and 4 in October. As busy as we are, we were fortunate enough to still find time to slip away to Steamboat, Colorado for a couple days. We returned over the weekend to photograph Heather & Jason’s wedding on Sunday at the Della Terra in Estes Park.

One of our other projects has been putting together Trace & Don’s “Trash the Dress” slideshow. The photographs for this slideshow were taken at the Brookside Gardens stream in Berthoud, Colorado. As you can see, it was a fun time.

At Sherri Barber Photography we can meet all your wedding photography needs, from formal portraits to candid photographs and slideshows. Contact Sherri Barber Photography in Northern Colorado to learn more about our wedding photography services.

Heather & Bryan’s Wedding in Northern Colorado

August 10, 2010

Heather and Bryan enjoyed a wonderful wedding at Della Terra in Estes Park the last Saturday of July. This secluded Northern Colorado venue is known for its gorgeous mountain views. Below is a slide show of photographs from Heather and Bryan’s wedding. A light rain stopped just before we began taking the photos. As you will see, Heather’s smile and enthusiasm is contagious. We just loved being a part of their day.


If you like these photographs, we encourage you to look through our wedding photo gallery to see other samples of our work. Or, contact Sherri Barber Photography to learn more about the services we offer.

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