Ring bear melt down Tapestry House Wedding

Last weekend at the Tapestry House 3-year-old Walton had the honor of being his aunt’s ring bear. Pretty easy duty, all you have to do is hand off the ring when they point at you, right. Nope, that was not how it went down.

The bride and her sister had come up with the plan; Walton could ride his brand new red Radio Flyer tricycle down the aisle in front of the bride. What 3-year-old wouldn’t want to ride their brand new tricycle in front of everyone. It was all trekked out with a bell and everything. He even had a sign announcing the bride ” Here comes the bride.”

Walton waited in queue at the back of the ceremony site with his father. He was all dressed up in his new black suit, argyle socks, bow tie and a boutonniere on his lapel.  His dad talked with him quietly as they sat on the bench and watched the wedding procession headed towards the alter.

The bride had three bridesmaids and one matron of honor . Each was escorted in traditional fashion on the arms of a groomsman.  I can only image what his dad was telling him, as I wasn’t close enough to hear the conversation. It looked as if there were some high stake negotiations taking place. Walton watched closely as each girl took the arm of a gentleman and disappeared down aisle. To the three year old the aisle to the alter must have looked a mile long, AND thousands of strangers were watching. Talk about “stranger danger“.

The officiant was in her place. The wedding party in their places and the music changed. All eyes went to the back of the ceremony site looking for the next person to enter. Walton’s dad stood up and took the three year old by the hand. This was his son’s big moment, but I have a feeling it must have been like “dead man walking” for poor little Watlon. His eyes got big but he bravely mounted his trusty tricycle. The same tricycle I’m sure he has had many hours of fun on.

His dad wheeled him into starting gate under the ivy arbor. Kind of like a horse in the Kentucky Derby ready to run free. His dad bent down and whispered something into his son’s ear and gave him a little push. Walton took off like a shot peddling as fast as he could. He looked so happy for about three seconds. He was announcing the bride’s arrival. “Here comes the bride.” The moment I’m sure his parents had prepared him for with many hours of practicing involved.

His father blew out a sigh of relief thinking his little man was actually going to pull this off. Walton’s gaze lifted from just ahead of his front wheel up to smiling faces of the wedding guests. He stopped cold in his tracks. He slowly surveyed the crowd hoping to find someone he knew. His mom was at the other end, but that was about a mile away he didn’t find her. Grandma was calling his name, but he couldn’t hear her.

Wedding guests started to encourage him.  “You can do it” a gentleman near the back yelled out. “Your mom is down there” another helpful lady whispered. You could see the panic building on little Walton’s face. A amphitheatre full of strangers and he was the center of their attention. Hundreds of thousands of eyes on him and him alone….

He slowly looked around for his safety person, his dad. By this time, his dad had squatted down four steps away under the arbor and was encouraging Walton. “Just keep peddling, Mom is at the other end.” Walton did not budge. “Grandma is calling you. Can you see her.” He pointed in the direction the Radio Flyer was facing.

Walton’s lower lip started to quiver, and his big brown eyes got even bigger. His father said a few more encouraging words but by then the little guy was having none of it. He took in a deep breath. You know the kind of breath where they fill their entire lung capacity with air , the quiet pause just before they blow…….

It was downhill from there. His dad swooped in rescuing him from the terrifying moment and off they went to a safer place.

The flower girl waited for all the shenanigans to clear then made her entrance. The look on her face was pure determination because she was a mature girl. We all know four-year-olds don’t act like that.

Better luck next time Walton, we’re all pulling for you.

Ring bear on tricycle

Ring bear on tricycle

Ring bear on tricycle

Ring bear on tricycle

Ring bear on tricycle

flower girl  Tapestry House wedding

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