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I always try and get an idea from my brides what their wedding day is going to be like by studying their timeline and asking about any possible hidden surprises. There is nothing worse than being on the wrong side of the room when something important happens. I’m not above sprinting across the venue to photograph something important, but it makes me look unprofessional “Not Cool”.

Joy, my bride for Oct 12th called me and explained their wedding was going to be “nontraditional.” I listened intently as she explained her vision to me.

Joy explained that they would start the day casually and did not want us to photograph their preparations or even them getting dressed. That’s when I started to sweat, Getting dressed is the part of the day where I get to know the bride and her friends a little more. Then she went on to say they were having a cocktail party before the ceremony even started, more sweating for me. A friend was the officiating the ceremony, more concern…. A buffet dinner would follow, and the music was just going to be an iPod.  No DJ to keep everything on track, now I’m really worried.

Sometimes these non traditional plans work fine but sometimes a more traditional timeline helps all the vendors (us, florists, catering, DJ) provide our best services. Joy’s wedding planner confirmed the arrangements and soothed my concerns “Everything is under control” she said.

Wedding photography is a lot like skiing in powder; keep your knees bent, stay flexible, and everything will turn out ok. If you get too rigid, you are going to make a fun time very unpleasant not only for you but everyone else. Some days I have to repeat this strategy to myself frequently.

We arrived at the Koenig Alumni Center in Boulder Colorado eager to get started. The bride was dressed and ready to go. The groom showed up and off we went. The first hour we spent walking around CU campus making formal wedding photographs. It was spectacular. I know those are pretty big words, but I can’t say enough on just how beautiful the campus was that day. The trees were full of fall colors. We found a beautiful pond with a rock bridge across one corner of it. Near it was an old building with rock archways, rock steps and ivy growing everywhere. The sun this time of year is lower in the horizon all day long providing great light.

The day only improved from this great start. The cocktail party before the wedding gave us opportunity for informal groups and discreet casual portraits of the wedding couple, family members and special friends. What Joy hadn’t mentioned was that most of their friends and family had traveled from far away for the wedding. Most had come from New York and Chicago, some had come from as far away as Germany, and one couple came from Dubai. No wedding traditions could have improved this celebration, and it truly turned out to be a celebration of two people joining their lives together. The Hora dance started immediately after the ceremony kiss and the breaking of the glass. After the buffet dinner the party lasted late into the night, The dancing never slowed down as the iPad play a special mix prepared by the groom. This was certainly the most successful non-traditional wedding we have ever been a part of. Mazel tov!


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